TRS Group have a large selection of heavy duty propping equipment in stock to provide the right solution for the right project. With up to a 1000kN propping system, we are able to configure the temporary works to support most loads. Where required, we design and install hydraulic jacks for projects where heavy preloading is needed.

From needle and propping, to façade retention and temporary bridge support, our in house temporary works engineers work closely with permanent works designers and site managers to ensure a design suitable for use onsite.

Combining our pedigree in scaffolding, we are able to install heavy duty propping in a safe and efficient manor with manual handling being kept to a minimum by the use of lifting equipment. Our priority is getting your project completed safely and on time.

Our operatives have vast experience in installing and using the temporary propping equipment, with each operative requiring to undergo in-house training. Every project is
resourced adequately according to project timescales and site constraints.

With a permanent yard manager, all equipment is inspected and serviced before leaving the yard safeguarding against delays onsite due to defective equipment.

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