Tilford – Temporary Pedestrian Footbridge

The requirements

The 13th Century Tilford Packhorse bridge is of historic significance due to its preservation of one of the best medieval bridges in England. Located between Godalming and Farnham, there were once 14 such bridges, however only 6 now remain.

Repair works were required on the bridge, which has scheduled ancient monument status, after a car in 2017 collided with the parapet wall causing significant damage.

During repair works, a Eurocode compliant temporary footbridge across the 50m wide river, was required to be installed as it provided critical amenities to the local people. Furthermore, the design required minimum disruption to the existing river flow.

The temporary structure was designed to carry a global live load of 5.0kN/m^2 for public use and a local point load of 10kN/m^2 in case of accidental loading while in service.

The chosen solution provided minimal disruption to the river flow and allowed manual installation due to a cranage not being permitted.

The RMD Superslim support towers were secured on temporary foundations, with Haki 750 modular beams providing the support to a tube and fitting deck. An industrial strength anti-slip material was applied to the walkway surface to finish.

With known flood level, the walkway was installed at a predetermined height such it was above 1 in 50 year flood levels.

Our solution

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