Lewins Mead Footbridge Removal

The requirements

Located in the centre of Bristol was a 1950’s concrete walkway which required demolition due to a reuse refurbishment of the adjacent building.

The existing bridge was located over Lewins Mead road, one of the busiest roads in Bristol, serving approximately 40,000 car per day.

The existing bridge required a temporary works support that facilitated its demolition with minimal disruption to the road below.

A driving force of the solution for this temporary works design was program. All works needed to be installed over a 24 hour period starting Friday night, with allowance for the removal of the existing bridge, with the dismantle of the structure Sunday evening ready for Monday morning. Any temporary works had to sufficiently support the s/w of the bridge, topping the scales out at 150kN/m.

TR designed a modular temporary propping structure which used off the shelf components aiding a fast installation. Using a component with high axial load capacity reduced the amount of kit required to be installed, consequently reducing material costs and installation time.

By having continual onsite presence, TR enabled rapid onsite adaptions minimising onsite delays and achieving a successful project for all those involved.

Our solution

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